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Success Stories

 Chiropractic Care & Massage Therapy

 Dr. Doyle and her staff for provide a trustworthy, productive and affordable healthcare option.

I’m not an easy patient, multiple past surgeries, highly active workouts, yet I sit at a computer for many hours a day and I expect to feel great and be on point 24/7.

Dr. Doyle’s understanding and in-depth knowledge of chiropractic manipulation, muscle function and nutrition provides a well-balanced and orchestrated art to health and well-being. In coordinating the many facets of care, including instructing her massage therapists in a way that compliments her adjustments, I feel I am maximizing the time I spend recovering and maintaining my body. She has gotten me to a point that feels great and gives me the energy I was looking for. On the occasions I do something stupid and hurt myself, her familiarity with and understanding of me has allowed her to quickly pull the pieces back to gather and efficiently get me back to 100%.

- J.L., September 2016 (Neck/Shoulder Pain, Athletic Performance)


Dr. Doyle is outstanding! The absolutely most thorough chiropractor I have seen. She’s very smart and makes me feel comfortable. And I cannot say enough about the customer service starting at the front desk. I am now a forever patient. 

- M.K., April 2016 (Neck/Shoulder Pain, Athletic Performance)

 We have had a great experience with Dr. Doyle for my 1.5yr old daughter. They have been so helpful, and have been great putting a plan in place going forward.

- A.A., March 2016 (Infantile Scoliosis)

I’ve been seeing chiropractors for 7 years now…been sent to several different doctors for my back. I had double rod fixation when I was 15 due to severe scoliosis. I’ve always had issues in my lower back and shoulders. Dr. Doyle is the first chiropractor I’ve seen that actually has helped me improve, not just get temporary relief. She is very careful to listen to her patients and she is so knowledgeable in her field. I’ve recommended several of my friends to her and I will continue to do so. I am so thankful I’ve found her and am thrilled she’s been able to help me so much.

- H.S., September 2014 (Scoliosis)

Before I came to Absolute Wellness Center (AWC), I had severe TMJ problems.  I had tried muscle relaxers and wearing a bite guard, and was I frustrated that nothing had been successful for me.

After seeing Dr. Doyle, I felt an almost immediate improvement in my jaw opening.  At first, the improvement only lasted a day or two, but then I was able to completely open it for days after my visit with Dr. Doyle.  Now, one visit will be effective for months.

My dad is a dentist, so naturally I had tried the dental options first, but those methods never worked.   I would recommend Dr. Doyle because she is helpful, personable, caring about her patients, and she makes every visit fun and enjoyable. Thank you (my jaw thanks you too)! 

- I.W., May 2013 (TMJ Pain & Dysfunction)

Before I came to Absolute Wellness Center (AWC), I was extremely frustrated with my pain and was feeling hopeless. I wore a back brace for 2 years, and I had met with numerous, well-respected surgeons and spine specialists, but no one could tell me what to do about my nonstop pain.

After only three weeks of seeing Dr. Doyle and Coby, I felt relief! For the first time in 10 years I finally understood WHY I was having pain. Dr. Doyle explained to me what was going on with my back in terms I could understand. Continued visits with Dr. Doyle have drastically improved my health. The relief I have felt since seeing her and Coby is truly indescribable. Not only do I have physical relief from their care, but I also have peace of mind knowing why I experience back pain and how best to manage it. Both are unbeatable! I really can’t say enough great things about AWC. Thank you!

- H.D., April 2013 (Scoliosis, Low Back & Neck Pain)

Before I came to Absolute Wellness Center, I was struggling with chronic back pain from a lifting injury.  I had been to three specialists and after five months with no improvement  with my pain I was feeling hopeless and helpless.  After less than four weeks of seeing Dr. Doyle, my back pain improved.  I was surprised at how little time it took.  Dr. Doyle was helpful in finding and treating the cause of my pain and was dedicated to treating me.  Supplementing my visits with massage therapy with Suzi was really beneficial to improving my well-being.  I was so happy to finally enjoy the acitivities that I loved doing pre-injury.  I am back to playing golf pain-free!  I would totally recommend Absolute Wellness Center.  Dr. Doyle and Suzi really cared for my needs and showed complete sincerity in helping me improve my health and achieve my goals.

- D.K, April 2013 (Chronic Back Pain, Sports Injury

When I began treatment with Dr. Doyle, I had been on 108 days of antibiotics due to chronic sinus infections. I threw up or had diarrhea every time I ate. I felt frustrated, out of control and was scared for my health. After four weeks of seeing Dr. Doyle and following her nutritional plan, I felt I was finally improving. I had less pain, and had no more stomach problems after the first week. The idea of my body recovering was very exciting! I’m thrilled that there is hope and healing when so many other doctors and friends had lost hope. Dr. Doyle is knowledgable, comforting, and kind. I am so grateful.

- Sarah H., April 2013 (Chronic GI Upset & Low Back Pain)

I had a double rod implantation as a teenager to help correct scoliosis that was affecting my lung function. I never knew that chiropractic care was an option for me. At 30 years old, I was sad to be having constant back pain, headaches and fatigue. It seemed ridiculous that I couldn’t sit or stand for any length of time. After just a few visits to Dr. Doyle, I felt much better. I actually never had immediate relief, but with each visit with her (as opposed to other doctors) I felt better and better. She’s very attentive to her patients’ needs. Now (after six months of care) I’ve not had headaches in months and that is HUGE! I would highly recommend Dr. Doyle because she’s knowledgable, attentive, and truly works on a personal level with her patients to assure the best possible treatment.

- H.S, April 2013 (Post-Surgical Scoliosis, Low Back Pain & Headaches)


Before seeing Dr. Doyle, I was having constant low back pain that radiated down my right leg. This had been bothering me on and off for eight years. I had tried pain medications, cortisone injections, and had seen three different doctors. Before seeing her, the pain was so severe that I couldn’t stand up straight. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t sit; every position hurt. Once I began treatment, I had almost instant relief. I had always been skeptical of chiropractic care but am so glad I decided to give it a try. It helped tremendously and now I only have to see her occasionally for preventive care.

- Carolyn H., October 2010 (Low Back and Leg Pain)

I began seeing Dr. Doyle in June 2010. At that time I had sharp pain from my neck and shoulder that would shoot down my right arm to my elbow. I also had reduced strength in that arm which was affecting my daily life as well as my tennis game. The problem had been getting progressively worse over the course of five weeks, to the point that I was taking 6-8 Advil just to get through the day. My daily life was completely disrupted by the pain. Once I began seeing Dr. Doyle, the pain and weakness improved with each visit. In 3-4 weeks, I was completely pain-free. Now, I feel dramatically healthier and stronger. I am definitely looser and have better range of motion, and now only come in for check-ups.

- Shawn T., July 2010 (Neck/Shoulder Pain & Weakness)

 I began treatment with Dr. Doyle in May 2010 because my neck, shoulders, and back were very tight. I had very limited range of motion and felt I could never stretch anything out. I also had a “knot” on my left hip which was very painful and prevented me from exercising. The worst thing was that the pain prevented me from taking long walks, which I love. My husband and I also used to ride our bicycles 18-20 miles a week, but with my pain I had to eliminate these too.

These problems had been bothering me for over two years. I had visited another chiropractor who provided minimum relief. I was also prescribed a muscle relaxer but experienced no relief whatsoever.

After seeing Dr. Doyle, I noticed immediate relief. The next weekend my husband and I rode 12 miles, and now I am back walking (though not quite as far as I’d like due to the heat)! Being older, the benefits of chiropractic care are life-changing. I am trying to exercise and eat sensibly, which I was unable to do before I saw Dr. Doyle. After, I am back to my normal life!

- Kay F., July 2010 (Tight Neck, Shoulders & Back)





If you’re looking for an acupuncturist, I highly recommend Katie! She’s extremely knowledgeable, personable, has years of experience, and can treat a variety of conditions! 

- JP Z., August 2016

 Katie is fantastic at what she does! I have suffered from daily headaches for twenty years and Katie’s has given me relief from this pain for the first time that I can even remember. As someone who had never had acupuncture before and was a bit skeptical I can truly say Katie has improved my health and happiness. She also has a wealth of knowledge that she is always willing to share. Give it a shot, she’s wonderful!  

- M.K., March 2016

I had the opportunity to receive several treatment sessions with Katie for sleep issues. With two kids, I hardly ever get good sleep and after just one treatment, I was able to sleep deeply through the night..a full eight hours!! I was so pleased with the results, I am now going to try facial rejuvenation through acupuncture in the near future!  

- Jen C., September 2015

If you are considering acupuncture, Katie is the person to go to! To say she changed my life is an understatement. Having never done acupuncture before, she really made it a comfortable experience and explained everything as she went along. She always took the time at the beginning of each visit to get a thorough update and plan our session accordingly. Each session was relaxing and painless and I found my severe chronic conditions and intense pain almost nonexistent after a few short weeks. Katie is simply amazing

- Sandy E., August 2015