Addiction Treatment West Palm Beach

For comprehensive addiction treatment in West Palm Beach, we advise contacting our professional team at Emerge Recovery Center. Our facility offers a luxurious and comfortable recovery environment, with a team of competent clinicians and health professionals guiding the recovery process. Your rehabilitation journey will be unique, smooth, and with lasting benefits, designed to change your life forever.

How drug and alcohol rehab work

Most people think that the key to successful rehab lies with the detox process, but that’s not actually the case. The detoxification process, just like the residential treatment to follow, is only a preparatory phase in the recovery process. In reality, the rehabilitation’s success depends strictly on the complexity of the outpatient treatment. Patients completing the residential program are not guaranteed to maintain sobriety in the long run, and most don’t.

It’s outpatient programs that make the difference between successful rehab with long-lasting benefits and a resounding failure shortly after rehab. Our outpatient rehabilitation system relies on three core programs to achieve the best results:

  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP or Day and Night treatment) – PHP takes you through an intense recovery protocol for five to six days per week, seven hours per day. The program relies on therapy, relapse prevention training, drug and alcohol tests, counseling, and community support for a smooth and comprehensive rehabilitation experience. You get to talk to our counselors every day to cope with your emotional and mental traumas, insecurities, fears, and negative thoughts so you can find a solution together. PHP represents the core procedure during our addiction treatment in West Palm Beach.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – IOP follows PHP and offers an equally structured but less intense recovery protocol. IOP requires your presence for three days per week, three hours per day for treatment, therapy, counseling, and medication management. The program is the ideal choice for individuals who have professional or educational commitments to abide by and offers them structured support for successful social reintegration and self-sustainability.
  • Outpatient care – The outpatient program functions as an aftercare system, relying on two treatment days per week. This form of treatment promotes community involvement, peer support, and long-term addiction and mental health management. You will learn how to prevent relapse, cope with your recurring co-occurring mental issues, and adopt a healthier and cleaner lifestyle moving forward.

What to do after completing the residential program

While inpatient/residential treatment is the most effective at combating the withdrawal, eliminating cravings, and helping patients prevent relapse, it is incomplete in nature. The residential program will only deliver optimal results when paired with a comprehensive outpatient system that offers long-lasting support and assistance.

If you’ve already completed the inpatient program, we advise you to contact us immediately for treatment follow-up and long-term recovery assistance. You can speak to our rehabilitation clinicians at Emerge Recovery Center to learn about our addiction treatment in West Palm Beach today. Make an appointment, come to our outpatient facility for clinical assessment and intake, and you can start the recovery journey as soon as you’re ready.

Addiction Treatment West Palm Beach

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