Drug Rehab Hollywood Florida

Drug rehab in Hollywood, FL can be a life-changing decision for a drug addict. Drug rehab is a program that is designed to help them re-enter society drug-free. Drug addiction will change every aspect of a person’s life. People lose relationships and even jobs due to drug use. It can land a person in jail or prison. Drug use can also make an otherwise pleasant person become violent or can make a person not care about their surroundings. Drug rehab can help the person regain their sense of self-worth. They can change their lifestyle and learn to live free of drugs. There are several steps to successful drug rehab. How long a person spends with each one depends on the drug of choice, length and amount of usage and overall health.

There is more than one type of drug rehab facility in Florida. Some are more specialized and deal with a specific drug, such as heroin or cocaine. There are others that are gender specific or for certain ages. Rehab is a difficult undertaking and is much more successful if done in the care of a medical setting.

The first step in rehab is detox and withdrawal. Many rehab facilities require you to go through this stage at a facility that is equipped to handle this and then transfer to their facility. In detox, the patient gets rid of the drugs that are in their system. This is the most unpleasant and intense of the rehab stages. In this stage, the addict is monitored very closely by nurses and doctors. They may be given medications to help take the edge off the withdrawal symptoms. This can take one to three weeks to complete. Once the detox and withdrawal stage is completed, the patient can be transferred to an inpatient facility.

In the inpatient facility, the patient will work on recognizing the triggers for the addiction in their case and how to remove themselves from anything that can encourage returning to drugs. They set goals for both short range and long-term. They will receive education on what the effects of drugs did for them and how it has affected their bodies. They undergo intense counseling and group therapy. Both of these are geared to change their outlook on drugs. Group therapy helps them to form new friends and learn from each other. Sometimes they will require medication during the rehab to assist in their recovery. How long they will need medication is dependant on the individual and how well they are progressing.

After the inpatient rehab, the patient can move on to the partial hospitalization. During this stage, the patient spends the day in the hospital but can stay at a halfway house or group home at night. They still receive the same intense counseling and group session as before, but the rules are a little more relaxed.

The next stage is the outpatient rehab. This stage can last for years and is geared toward continual support and counseling. In this stage, they live at home but return regularly for counseling sessions or groups. At first, they may have a session every day, and then they can be spaced out as the time goes and the healing progresses. The goal is to help the person live a drug-free life and prevent relapse. Here at Compassion Behavioral Health, our drug rehab in Hollywood Beach FL can improve the addict through this procedure.

Drug Rehab Hollywood Florida

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