Chiropractic Care

There is a reason Dr. Doyle receives so many 5 star reviews, it's because she provides a service that is personal and specific to each of her patients. I've been going to Dr. Doyle for 3 years, before I started seeing Dr. Doyle, I suffered from weekly headaches, significant back pain and finally after my neck pain got so bad did I decide to seek out Chiropractic care. Since i have been a patient of Dr. Doyle my headaches are virtually gone!!! As well reduced back pain and neck.

I appreciate the personal attention and service she provides. She is one of the few doctors to treat her patients as humans and not as appointments. She is well educated and is happy to give you alternative treatment options and even if you don't go with her recommendations she will still listen and work with you to find a treatment that best works for you.

As someone who is very particular about health care providers, I can safely say Dr. Doyle is in the top 1% of professionals I’ve seen in any field. In just one visit, the hip pain and other pregnancy discomfort that was keeping me awake at night was reduced to almost zero. Everything about my experience in her office was excellent and surpassed my expectations.

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Doyle! Aside from relieving years of neck pain, she has provided me with so much knowledge and so many resources for autoimmune diseases that I have been dealing with for over ten years. Her brain is filled with so much helpful information; I literally look forward to every single visit. And, even better, she not only gives advice but actually listens to you! I have been looking for this type of medical care for way too long and am so happy I found it with Absolute Wellness Care!

Dr. Susan Doyle is brilliant.  I had a car accident many years ago, and with the stress of this past year I started to experience significant pain in my neck and shoulders.  After only a few weeks of Dr. Doyle's care I feel significant improvement in my neck and shoulders, I am able to run and workout again without pain  and I feel a growing sense of empowerment in my body and my mind.  I am thrilled to have found her!

I’ve been seeing chiropractors for 7 years now…been sent to several different doctors for my back. I had double rod fixation when I was 15 due to severe scoliosis. I’ve always had issues in my lower back and shoulders. Dr. Doyle is the first chiropractor I’ve seen that actually has helped me improve, not just get temporary relief. She is very careful to listen to her patients and she is so knowledgeable in her field. I’ve recommended several of my friends to her and I will continue to do so. I am so thankful I’ve found her and am thrilled she’s been able to help me so much.

Before I came to Absolute Wellness Center (AWC), I had severe TMJ problems.  I had tried muscle relaxers and wearing a bite guard, and was I frustrated that nothing had been successful for me.

After seeing Dr. Doyle, I felt an almost immediate improvement in my jaw opening.  At first, the improvement only lasted a day or two, but then I was able to completely open it for days after my visit with Dr. Doyle.  Now, one visit will be effective for months.

My dad is a dentist, so naturally I had tried the dental options first, but those methods never worked.   I would recommend Dr. Doyle because she is helpful, personable, caring about her patients, and she makes every visit fun and enjoyable. Thank you (my jaw thanks you too)!

Before seeing Dr. Doyle, I was having constant low back pain that radiated down my right leg. This had been bothering me on and off for eight years. I had tried pain medications, cortisone injections, and had seen three different doctors. Before seeing her, the pain was so severe that I couldn’t stand up straight. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t sit; every position hurt. Once I began treatment, I had almost instant relief. I had always been skeptical of chiropractic care but am so glad I decided to give it a try. It helped tremendously and now I only have to see her occasionally for preventive care.

I began seeing Dr. Doyle in June 2010. At that time I had sharp pain from my neck and shoulder that would shoot down my right arm to my elbow. I also had reduced strength in that arm which was affecting my daily life as well as my tennis game. The problem had been getting progressively worse over the course of five weeks, to the point that I was taking 6-8 Advil just to get through the day. My daily life was completely disrupted by the pain. Once I began seeing Dr. Doyle, the pain and weakness improved with each visit. In 3-4 weeks, I was completely pain-free. Now, I feel dramatically healthier and stronger. I am definitely looser and have better range of motion, and now only come in for check-ups.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapist, Coby Daniels, is also absolutely wonderful and has helped me tremendously. I've experienced complete back pain relief since I started visiting Absolute Wellness and highly recommend their services!

The office runs like clockwork, no waiting, lots of parking, great water, fun events and a smart blog – but the massage! The massage administered was extremely therapeutic. I say administered, because it worked – as opposed to all the headache meds that were tried and didn’t. She has strong hands, knows pressure points, is very careful and caring, but manipulated deep tissue and got at the problem areas. She listened to my list of symptoms and asked questions before the session, and after the session, gently suggested… that I focus more seriously on my wellness. I scheduled another massage two weeks out, and intend to continue with bi-monthly appointments. I have a feeling this approach may work better than waiting until I’m desperate and need an emergency headache cure. (Stubborn, but not stupid…)

Coby Daniels who is amazing! He is very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend!

I have been going to see Dr Doyle as well as getting massages from Isabelle for the past several months and have been very happy with the treatments I have been receiving . I was experiencing some back pain that had not resolved with rest and stretching and was taking NSAIDs daily. Within the first few visits I was feeling significantly better and at this time the pain is gone. I was also in a serious car accident years ago that has led to chronic neck pain that I just assumed was my normal. After taking X-rays and determining it would be safe/okay for neck adjustments we started focusing on that area. After only a few visits my neck feels better than it has in years! Very happy with services I have received. Highly recommended!

Functional medicine

I originally came to Dr. Susan Doyle for Chiropractic care, which was much needed … after forming a warm trusting relationship with her, I started discussing my stomach problems with her. I have struggled with GUT/digestive issues for way too many years now. I had filtered through multiple doctors to try and figure out what was wrong with my stomach – I FINALLY have come to some resolutions with Dr Doyle’s help. She has in turn recommended wonderful products to help get my health under control. I LOVE chatting with her about nutrition, supplements, and healthy lifestyle tips.  She extremely knowledgeable and I trust her whole heartedly.

“Dr. Doyle’s practice encompasses so much more than chiropractic care. In my personal experience, she has diagnosed, treated, and successfully cured the digestive problems that my internist couldn’t figure out after years of attempts.”

When I began treatment with Dr. Doyle, I had been on 108 days of antibiotics due to chronic sinus infections. I threw up or had diarrhea every time I ate. I felt frustrated, out of control and was scared for my health. After four weeks of seeing Dr. Doyle and following her nutritional plan, I felt I was finally improving. I had less pain, and had no more stomach problems after the first week. The idea of my body recovering was very exciting! I’m thrilled that there is hope and healing when so many other doctors and friends had lost hope. Dr. Doyle is knowledgable, comforting, and kind. I am so grateful.