Regardless of your stance on current isolation protocols, I think we all can agree that strengthening your immune system is still the best way to protect your overall health and well being (not to mention – one you can actually control). Exposure to viral or bacterial agents doesn’t mean you have to get sick, in fact that’s how our immunity is built: by producing antibodies to said agent. This natural immunity is more powerful than any exogenous method of garnering an immune response. It also reduces the deadliness of a disease; the higher incidence of said disease reduces its virulence. In other words, higher case numbers = lower death toll from said disease. While this may seem counterintuitive, it’s important for understanding the stats floating around and not buying into mass hysteria. Which brings me to the first of 5 immunity boosters you can use today.

  1. Keep your stress levels down. This is arguably the most important tip and simultaneously the most difficult to employ. Dust off your mental health toolbox and put those tools to work! Meditation, breathwork, prayer and spiritual/religious reading are the heavy hitters, but things like salt baths, sauna routines (which improves your immunity by hormetic stress) and spending time in nature can help incredibly. All seem simple but are extremely powerful, you just have to do them. I’m also going to include the company you keep here. This is a time for keeping your circle uplifting. Be super judicious with the information you expose yourself to and the conversations you’re having. How do you feel after being with them (even if it’s just on the phone)? While people can certainly be well meaning, fear is contagious. Negotiate what you can, or use it as a time to express boundaries (ie, “I’m really trying to limit my conversations about XXX, can we talk about something else?). Check out some sanity resources below.
    • One of my favorite breathwork facilitators is offering weekly virtual breathwork sessions here. Another has a 30 day breathwork challenge via her YouTube channel here.
    • Oprah & Deepak Chopra have been offering a 21 Day Free Meditation Challenge called Hope in Uncertain Times. Access that here.
    • Meditation resources are aplenty! Apps like Calm, InsightTimer, Meditation Studio, 10% Happier, Simply Being are just a few.
    • Local studio Still Soul Studio has been offering a full schedule via Zoom and at least one totally free class per day. Check them out here (and feel good about supporting local, too).
  2. Take Care of Your Vessel. This includes all the things to take care of your body and keep it in fighting form.
    • Getting adequate rest. Sleep, but also down time. There’s a lot of free floating anxiety out there, so you may be needing more than usual. That’s OK.
    • Limiting sugar, refined carbs and alcohol. All of these lower your immunity.
    • Getting adequate brightly colored fruits and vegetables. These are high in antioxidants and fuel for your body. How can you make your meals more nutritionally dense? Here’s some tips on how to incorporate more veggies into your life and some veggie centric recipes here.
  3. Take special care of your gut. Did you know that 2/3 of your immune tissue is found in your gut?! And that the integrity of your gut lining is integral to proper immune system function? (This is also why addressing gut health is ground zero for treating autoimmune diseases). Our gut mucosa is exposed to bacteria, viruses, dietary and dietary antigens in far greater quantities that the rest of our immune system, which is why it’s so important to avoid foods you are sensitive to or that are known to cause gut permeability issues (read: food particles pass through your gut lining, your body reads them as foreign invaders and then attacks them). In addition to eating for gut health and maintaining proper elimination, here are a few gut central supplements I like (please note that if you have digestive distress, an autoimmune disorder or other digestive compromise, you will need a custom plan for your exact issue. For more on my approach to these issues, check out my functional medicine approach or email me here).
    • Biocidin ProFlora 4R (available in office): a spore based probiotic, meaning the spores “hatch” in your intestines. Many probiotics today contain a lot of dead bugs and few of them actually make it to the end of your small intestine.
    • GI Revive by Designs for Health: probably my favorite all around gut support product. Filled with soothing botanicals and compounds to promote a strong gut lining.
    • Enzymes: Enzymes and natural HCl levels decrease as we age (and with the Standard American Diet). Taking these with meals helps your body break down and utilize all those nutritious foods you’re eating! I like this one from Pure Encapsulations and Zypan from Standard Process (both available in office, but you can order Standard Process here with code 6EPVR6).
  4. Supplement that good diet. A supplement is exactly that – to “supplement” an already good diet. My favorite supplements geared toward immune health include:
    • Silvercillin by Designs for Health (currently backordered but available in office). Colloidal silver is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal. May be taken at the first sign of sickness or daily as a preventative measure.
    • Immunitone by Designs for Health – a mix of adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms. To that end – adaptogens in general (herbs that work to balance you and modulate stress) and mushrooms are great for immune support. I personally take Biotonic and love Four Sigmatics mushroom blends.
    • Vitamin D (really a hormone), Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium
    • For an exhaustive list with links to order, check out this full Immune Supplement guide from our online dispensary
    • NOTE: If you are not local or are unable to come in to the office, you can always order online here & (take 10% off everything all April long!)
  5. Get Adjusted. Chiropractic is an essential healthcare service and one of the few that naturally boosts your immunity. Here are a few of the ways it does so:
    • Reduces musculoskeletal stress
    • Significantly reduces pain
    • Significantly reduces chemokines (inflammation marker)
    • Significantly reduces IL-2 production (immunity marker)
    • This is not the first time chiropractic has been used effectively in a viral epidemic. Check out this data from the Spanish Flu of 1918:

For more on how chiropractic directly impacts your immunity, check out this report of peer reviewed, evidence based research from the International Chiropractic Association.

As an essential healthcare office, Absolute Wellness Center will continue to remain open to serve and aid the immunity of our patient family. If you need anything, or have any questions, we are here for you, your family and your friends. We are blessed and grateful to serve you during this time and always.