As we enter month six of all things COVID-19, it’s time for an important check in: how’s your mental health? We’ve all experienced forced isolation, forced togetherness, financial stress, lack of travel, canceled plans and visions. Each day we face the unknown. Some of us have lost jobs, loved ones, income and more. Some face the grief of family not being allowed to offer presence and support to loved ones who are sick or dying. Others have experienced the fear and anxiety of being unable to sustain their businesses and provide for their families. We experience outrage and desperation when public places are taken away. Parents now have the impossible choice between socialization and safety and deciding how to shield their children from free floating fear and anxiety.⁣

If you think you can numb (food, alcohol, TV) this time away, think again. This is a time to take extra special care of yourself because You owe it to yourself and loved ones to take care of you right now, whether you’re a seasoned mental health advocate or if you’ve never considered to it. ⁣

What you can do right now:⁣

⁣❤️ Get outside, barefoot if you can. Nature is therapeutic and deeply restorative. It also exposes us to lots of immune boosting bacteria and viruses. Win-win.

❤️ Listen to music for an instant mood boost. Dance to get your feel good endorphins going, which you can also do through —

❤️ Exercise. Good for your mental and physical health, plus those quarantine carbs aren’t going to burn themselves.

❤️. Pray or meditate. There’s so many great apps available.  @insighttimer @calm @choprameditation are just a few.

❤️ Reach out to others, particularly if they live alone. If not because you need them, consider they may need you. ⁣

❤️ Breathe or do yoga. Breathwork is my biggest tool and an almost instant state-changer. I love local breathwork facilitators Stephanie Burg & Nicole Rager who both offer virtual options.⁣

❤️ Sleep and eat well. Lack of sleep makes everything worse. Consider you might also need more than you usually do. Choosing anti inflammatory, nourishing foods boosts your immunity and makes you feel good.⁣

❤️ Laugh. Follow some funny IG accounts (I love @iamthirtyaf and @fiercelyoptimistic) watch stand up, connect with your funny friends.⁣

❤️ Receive bodywork if you’re comfortable. Human touch is powerful beyond measure. The chiropractic adjustment stimulates your parasympathetics and presses reset on your nervous system. People’s bodies are wrecked from stress and crappy ergonomics at their makeshift at home desks. Bodywork can correct that.

As always, we are always here for you and your loved ones.

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